Summer transforms the most important ski center in South America into a true natural park with activities for the family. You can explore the most exciting landscapes by bicycle, on horseback or trekking and discover the best views. Guests will find an active holiday with horseback riding, mountain biking, trekking, climbing and much more while breathing the pure air of the Cordillera de los Andes, combined with a pleasant rest at the Hotel Piscis Casino & SPA. At night, you can enjoy themed dinners, moonlight walks, “guitarredas" around a fire, and more unforgettable experiences.


In 2019, Chef Emiliano Diaconchuk, joined the crew at Las Leñas. This award-winning chef with a background in Canada, France and Brazil, has two Michelin stars. He designed for this summer 2020 an innovative menu that will surprise the visitors, guiding them along a path of sensations to discover a gastronomic experience that combines flavors of our land with an internationally awarded cuisine.


For all ages, horseback riding will be essential to access unexplored corners of the mountain and travel great distances admiring the immensity of it. Low, medium or high complexity, they invite you to enjoy the mountain air living unique sensations when you enter the Andes Mountains either to be part of the San Martiniano road or to visit the Las Tears Valley where on December 22, 1972, after having been isolated for seventy-two days, the world finds out that sixteen people defeated death in our mountain range.


There are many activities specially designed for the family and to be enjoyed in the peaceful mountain environment. For example: Mountain Bike, is an activity for restless spirits that allows you to travel amazing circuits combining physical activity and the unique nature of Las Leñas. Also Laguna Escondida, it is an exciting journey with a 4x4 vehicle, where you can reach a lagoon between the hills that flows into an ice cave. Another highly valued activity is Trekking: for this there are circuits designed to fully enjoy contact with nature, between waterfalls, valleys and streams learning about the flora and fauna of the place.

The Chairlift Ride is wonderful. It allows the tourist to reach effortlessly an incomparable view. It is an ideal activity to share with the whole family, where the best views of the valley are observed at almost 3000 meters high. 

The Excursion to Valle Hermoso is another exciting adventure: it is a paradise to discover in the middle of the high mountains. With its lagoon and green meadows, you can spend a full day of recreation. On the banks of the majestic lake that is there, there is a restaurant where you can have the characteristic Malargüino goat for lunch.


At the end of the day, an agenda of shows and activities offers guests relaxed moments that can result in a night of magic, a family bingo, a party at the hotel bar or in the exclusive CASINO, at the Hotel Piscis Casino & SPA.


A new trend occupies the centers of Montaña and Las Leñas, with its location in the Heart of the Cordillera de Los Andes, is a scenario where nature gives us the opportunity to explore unique places. With some experiences in the past, the Valley of Las Leñas receives in November the final of the Latin American circuit of Adventure XK Traverse races that includes mountain bike, kayak and running tests totaling 350 km of travel at more than 3400 meters of height.

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