In Rental Las Leñas you will find the perfect Ski or Snowboard for you and your family. Advised by our managers who will recommend the best option according to your needs, conditions and capabilities.

  • Convenient locations

Every Rental Las Leñas location is either slope side or in-lodging, which means fast access to the first chair and quick drop-offs after an epic day.

  • Expert service

Our local experts take pride in providing the best gear in the best condition, custom fitted so you never have to worry about comfort and performance out on the slopes.

  • Top gear

Annual equipment update, more than 3 thousand ski equipment for all ages and levels and more than 800 top level snowboard equipment.


At Las Leñas we are always striving to improve our guest service. Can't find what you are looking for? We've got the answers you're looking for through the phone number   +5411 4819 6060 or via mai

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