VALLE DE LAS LEÑAS S.A., the operator, (hereinafter the Organizer) states that it is acting as an independent intermediary between passengers and various service providers, so it shall have no liability for deficiencies in the provision of such that might occur. Contracts of carriage of passengers by airlines and/or land transport companies will be exclusively between the providers of such services and passengers.

Air or land transport companies will be only responsible for acts, omissions, and/or events that occur during the time passengers are in their units. Otherwise, such providers do not have any kind of liability whatsoever.

In particular, the Organizer is not liable for:

(A) any personal, moral or material harm, damage, loss or injury, caused directly, indirectly and/or consequently by the passenger himself and/or his companion and/or third parties due to the activity carried out at the ski station;

(B) any damage, theft and/or robbery that any passenger and/or his companion and/or third parties could suffer and/or the property of any of these linked to the activity carried out in the ski station;

(C) communications and power supply equipment failures or technical malfunctions, human errors or deliberate acts of third parties that could disrupt, suspend or interrupt the ordinary course of business at the ski station;

(D) mechanical failures and/or technical malfunctions and/or human error or deliberate acts of third parties that could disrupt, suspend or interrupt transfers and/or the realization of everything needed in the ordinary course of business at the ski station.

Late Payment

In the event that the passenger is in arrears regarding fees or amounts agreed, after ten (10) days from the date set for these purposes; the Organizer, at its own discretion, shall choose between the following options

  1. Canceling the tour and/or package tour, and the passenger is not entitled to claim any refund whatsoever.
  2. Charging punitive interest up to 0.5% daily of the balance due.

Acts of God/Force Majeure.

The operator reserves the right to modify hours and/or days of departure and/or return if necessary to guarantee the correct operation of the tour, or if acts of god or force majeure circumstances forced them to do so. If the trip should be shortened or prolonged for acts of god or force majeure not attributable to the organizers, costs which are caused by such situations will be at the sole cost and expense of the passengers.

In the event that, with a minimum of forty-eight (48) hour notice before each departure, the Organizer considers that snowy weather conditions are not guaranteed (lack of snow) for the normal practice of activities in the ski station, or that minimum safety conditions are not guaranteed on the way to such destination, departure might be canceled.

If this occurred, Organizer shall credit—for passengers who are not in arrears— the nominal amount paid for contracted services as credit for future departures during the current winter season (subject to availability) or the same season of the following year, until such amount has been used.

Should any circumstances not foreseen therein and not attributable to the Organizer occur, this may modify them and/or suspend or cancel the operation, always in compliance with applicable regulations.


Neither the operator nor the Organizer will make partial refunds of the services included in the tour waived by passengers voluntarily. Cancellations, changes of dates or names will result in the following penalties:

60 o más
59 a 30
29 a 15
15 a 1
Change of date
Change of name

Minimum Age

People under eighteen (18) years old may not stay in any hotel, apart hotel, apartment, dorm, etc. belonging to Valle de Las Leñas S.A. or operated by it, unless they are accompanied by an adult who is immediate family or their legal representative, which shall be accredited at the time of purchase. To that effect, they are responsible for the actions of under-age guests.


Any claims related to the present operation shall be performed by Participants and/or Winner and addressed to Valle de Las Leñas S.A. offices located on Bartolomé Mitre 401, 4th floor, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires. The courts of the city of Buenos Aires shall have jurisdiction for any legal issue which might arise from the operations


The purchase of the products/services offered by the Organizer implies acceptance of these Conditions, as well as decisions taken by the Organizer pursuant to the law and at its own discretion. Promotions and discounts that may be applicable at a given time on such prices do not apply straightforwardly to all services and/or products included in such programs

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1. This insurance covers the costs incurred in rescues or evacuations of injured skiers, as well as in emergency medical assistance, up to taking the injured to the Medical Center located in the ski station.

2. It is hereby expressly stated that this insurance will only cover accidents that occurred on the pistes enabled at the time of such occurrence, and those skiers who held a valid lift pass.

3. When the accident occurs in off-piste sectors or not enabled pistes (regardless whether the skier has a valid pass or not), the costs incurred in either the evacuation or rescue and emergency medical assistance will be at the skier’s cost.

4. This insurance will cover emergency medical assistance costs provided by piste doctors in the place of the accident, stabilization and evacuation and/or transportation of the injured by piste staff to the Medical Center in the ski station

5. Once the injured skier is admitted at the Medical Center, the medical and health care provider will charge the injured or those responsible persons in case of a minor, for medical care and treatments and/or transport in case of referrals, in accordance with the current and published fare system in such medical center. 

6. Insurance coverage expressly excludes illnesses not related to skiing and injuries caused by negligence of the skier including: 

  • Use of unsuitable boots.
  • Use of non-specific glasses
  • Skin burns caused by excessive exposure to the sun or for not using sunscreens
  • Use of equipment in poor condition.
  • Use of improperly set equipment