Nestled in the heart of the Andes, in the province of Mendoza and only 1,200 km far from Buenos Aires, there is the best ski station of Latin America: Las Leñas. It has a magic which comes from the combination of nature, comfort, fun, adventure and relaxation. 

Its base is at 2,240 meters above sea level and its peak at 3,430 meters. It is located at 80 km from Malargüe, 200 km from San Rafael, 500 km from Mendoza, 1,200 km from Buenos Aires, 800 km from Córdoba and 1,000 km from Rosario.

This international resort provides unforgettable vacation for ski and snowboard lovers. It also offers an outstanding quality of snow, world-class cuisine and first class accommodation facilities in a peaceful and safe environment for the whole family. Due to its geographical location, Las Leñas offers a long snow season from June through September

  • 7.500 Hs

  • RUNS
  • 30

  • 14 (incluye un ski carpet para principiantes)

  • 3.430 msnm

  • 2.240 msnm

  • 1.200

  • RUNS
  • GREEN (15%) - BLUE (45%)
  • RED (35%) - BLACK (5%)

  • 7km combining Apolo, Neptuno y Venus.


A fleet of 9 grooming machines consisting of four Pisten Bully Kässbohrer 300, three 300 winch groomer and two 200 driven by specialized operators are working all night long since sunset to leave groomed pistes for people to enjoy a good day of skiing. There are ten operators for these machines alternating day and night shifts. A team consisting of a workshop manager, three mechanics and one electronic technician provides technical support and maintenance so daily operation is guaranteed.

These machines provide piste grooming and they are also used (two of them) to transfer people who hire the Extreme Expedition product, available at the de Ski & Snowboard.


To ensure that nothing interferes with your desire to ski, Las Leñas has a modern snowmaking system which can cover from the return of Neptune, Venus I, Eros I to Eros II and the Base; Minerva, Eros Minerva connection, Vesta Minerva connection, Caris underside and Vulcano, from Tower 8 to the engine.

Las Leñas has a team which is specialized in snowmaking. When the temperature and humidity are appropriate, water is used as a raw material so they can manufacture snow. Machines used for this task produces snow by breaking the water into tiny particles which are powdered and when they interact with air, they froze and fall in the form of flakes.

The pump room, which has a 5,000 m3 water reservoir, is located 1,000 meters from the base. This place supplies all the snowmaking system, which has 7,500 meters of underground pipes. Every 50 meters there is a hydrant to connect the cannons. Snowmaking has a fleet of 34 cannons of various sizes, which consumes 300 - 600 liters per minute at a pressure of 20 kg. per cm2.

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