Las Leñas has the privilege of being immersed in an exceptional natural environment; therefore, it is committed to protecting and preserving the environment.

That’s why we conduct a campaign called: “Montañas Limpias” (Clean Mountains) which aims to reduce the impact of the practice of our tasks for the operation of the complex, and also to raise visitors and our team awareness on good practices based on respect, protection and preservation of the environment, flora, fauna and natural resources.


. Conviva en armonía con la naturaleza.

2. It is hereby expressly stated that this insurance will only cover accidents that occurred on the pistes enabled at the time of such occurrence, and those skiers who held a valid lift pass.

3. When the accident occurs in off-piste sectors or not enabled pistes (regardless whether the skier has a valid pass or not), the costs incurred in either the evacuation or rescue and emergency medical assistance will be at the skier’s cost.

4. This insurance will cover emergency medical assistance costs provided by piste doctors in the place of the accident, stabilization and evacuation and/or transportation of the injured by piste staff to the Medical Center in the ski station

5. Once the injured skier is admitted at the Medical Center, the medical and health care provider will charge the injured or those responsible persons in case of a minor, for medical care and treatments and/or transport in case of referrals, in accordance with the current and published fare system in such medical center. 

6. Insurance coverage expressly excludes illnesses not related to skiing and injuries caused by negligence of the skier including: 

  • Use of unsuitable boots.
  • Use of non-specific glasses
  • Skin burns caused by excessive exposure to the sun or for not using sunscreens
  • Uso de equipamiento en mal estado.
  • Uso de equipamiento indebidamente regulado.